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Our Story.

Machine availability is the essential precondition for an efficient production process.

We believe that data is the key to an efficient production process.


But in most productions, this resource is not treated with the attention it deserves: Data is often only processed manually and analyzed decentrally. In most cases, the technical manager does not even have enough time to deal with it systematically. In addition, the interpretation of data does not take place within an objective framework, but depends on subjective perceptions.


Reliable early warning for unplanned shutdowns is not conceivable with this outdated system. 

Our story begins with this basic statement.

We see our mission in pointing out the potential of their data to plant manufacturers and operators and helping them to fully utilize it.

To pursue this goal, our founding team spun off from a market-leading plant manufacturer and formed a corporate startup on January 01, 2021.  

Logo Possehl

We are a proud part of the Possehl Group, an association of medium-sized industrial companies that has represented entrepreneurship, tradition and responsibility for 174 years now.

With its more than 13,000 employees in over 200 companies, the group generated sales of 4 billion euros in 2019.

Our financial background is therefore fully secured despite being a young start-up.

Despite growth, value enhancement and economic success, social responsibility is also given a particularly high priority:


As the subsidiary of the charitable Possehl Foundation, the Group aims to support social institutions and support the arts, culture and science.

Possehl Stiftung
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