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Customer Journey.



This is Mr. Smith.

He produces equipment for the construction industry and wants to offer his customers digital analysis tools in the future.  At the moment, he doesn't know exactly how he should approach his plans.

The first step.

Mr. Smith wants to find out what his path to digitalization could look like and decides to take advantage of a free short consultation from Possehl Analytics.

He talks to an expert about his ideas and receives non-binding recommendations and offers.

[4-6 weeks]

Potential analysis.

After the consultation, Mr. Smith has first decided on a potential analysis. It will be examined whether there are any major obstacles that could stand in the way of implementing digital services.

Business model workshop.

After his check-up, Mr. Smith is primarily interested in how he can earn money with his data. In an individually designed workshop, he works out a promising model with a team from Possehl Analytics.

[2 days]
[4-6 weeks]

Test phase.

To find out whether his model works, Mr. Smith has Possehl Analytics create click dummies of his planned tool. He shows these to a few pilot customers to gauge their interest. 

Without a large investment, he can thus check whether the offer of digital products would be well received.

[2-3 months]


The plan has been drawn up, but the implementation still has to take place. Since Mr. Smith wants to bring his business model to market as quickly as possible, he opts for our modular ANTS system.
Here, he can put together an individually customized analysis tool in the shortest possible time, which he can offer to his customers as an additional service.

To ensure that his employees also learn how to use the new software, Mr. Schmied also books a training session.


4 months after his free initial consultation, Mr. Schmied has a digital product that is ready for the market.
With his analysis tool, his equipment is much more attractive to customers and he sets himself apart from other providers.

Talk to one of our experts about your ideas!

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