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The digitalization of industrial plant engineering is associated with many advantages for both suppliers themselves and their end customers. 


We help you to recognize these advantages, to fully utilize the potential of your plants and to profitably communicate new solutions to your customers.

Added value

Expand your offering and secure your market advantage with digital add-ons.

Offer your customers

  • Predictability​

  • Cost savings

  • Process optimization


and set yourself apart from the competition.

You profit from license sales.



Increase customer loyalty and tap into your aftermarket with targeted sales of parts, services & upgrades.

Help your customer optimize their production while creating transparency in the installed base.


Gain insight into equipment usage and optimize your own products based on big data. 

Analyze serial errors and thus eliminate possible weak points of the offered machines.


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Mechanical engineering  |  Electrical industry  |  Food industry

Construction industry  |  Automotive industry  | Iron and steel industry

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